I don’t remember much, but I got the t-shirt so I must have liked it!

Sorry that the last few days haven’t really had much in the way of new content.  It’s getting toward the end of this epic road trip and quite honestly I’m ready to be home again.  The other factor conspiring to prevent me from posting much has been that most of this part of the trip hasn’t really had much going on other than driving for hours each day.  I guess it’s a good thing I like to drive then.  heh

Yesterday we started out in Santa Rosa, NM and made our way through Albuquerque and on to Flagstaff, AZ where we stayed for the night.  While in Albuquerque we visited the American International Rattlesnake Museum.  That place was very cool!  If you ever find yourself in Albuquerque, and you’re looking for something to do, check this place out.  From the outside it looks like a small shop that sells snake and reptile related souvenirs, but once you step inside, and pay  your entrance fee, you’ll find a LOT more!  Peter and I spent a couple of HOURS here before we had to get back on the road.

Once we escaped the educational and entertaining clutches of the Rattlesnake Museum we set course for Petrified Forrest National Park.  This is really a pretty small park that isn’t far from Holbrook, AZ.  We got there kind of late and were warned that the park would be closing in less than two hours.  Each of us paid our fee to enter the park and we did a whirlwind exploration of the park from one end to the other.  We saw the petrified trees, we saw some of the “painted” desert and we even saw some petroglyphs left by pre-historic inhabitants of the region.  We also took a bunch of photos that I’m going to have to retro fit into the post another time.

From here we drove to Winslow, AZ hoping to find a place to eat.  Unfortunately Winslow is kinda tiny and sadly seems to be a dying community like so many along Route 66.  Other than a couple of fast food places, the only place Peter could find that was open was a place called the Brown Mug Diner.  It looked a little dubious to me and I wasn’t really in the mood to experiment with my evening meal, so we decided to push on to Flagstaff where we knew there would be many more opportunities for a less scary meal.  Along the way we saw a few signs for the Cracker Barrel in Flagstaff and since I’d never eaten in one, that’s where we went.  They make a decent meal for a very good price in my opinion!

After dinner we went in search of lodging for the night.  Lucky for us, the Best Western Pony Soldier Inn had one more room available.  I can’t say I was overly impressed with our accommodations, but at 11PM I’m not going to throw much of a fit if the bed is at least usable and has clean sheets.

After a somewhat restless night (the room was too hot for my tastes) we got up to a sparkling day.  Peter and I had been discussing options for the final couple days of our trip and we discovered that Flagstaff is just a hop, skip and a jump from The Grand Canyon.  Peter had only been there once as a child and it had been years since I’d been, so we decided to take the detour and spend part of the day at the South Rim of The Grand Canyon.  I’m very happy we did!

We parked at the Yavapai Point Observation Station and spent almost an hour hiking along the rim and taking pictures of the canyon.  I showed Peter where I had hiked in the canyon as a teen and told him about how long the trail is to the bottom from the South Rim.  We moved the car down to the village market parking lot and hiked from there to the park headquarters and on out to the rim trail.  Then we hiked along the rim down to the Bright Angel Lodge where we had a late lunch.  All in all a couple miles of hiking and several hours spent photographing the spectacular beauty of the canyon.  Once again, like most other times in our trip, the weather was fantastic!  You couldn’t have asked for a more beautiful day!

Eventually we decided we needed to get back on the road if there was any chance we’d get back to San Diego within the next couple of days.  After a quick stop at the gift shop to pick up the obligatory t-shirt, we headed back out of the park and on toward the conclusion of our journey.  Tonight we have taken our rest at the Best Western Kings Inn in Kingman, AZ.  At this point I think the plan is to make a run for San Diego and home tomorrow.

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