Get your kicks, on Route 66

We’ve been on Route 66 for a couple of days now.  Most of it has been along Interstate 40 but Peter has found a few isolated stretches where we get to follow what must have been the original highway.  It has that feel and is just fun to drive on.

I’m sorry I missed blogging about our day yesterday.  One of the places Peter felt was important for us to stop was the memorial at the site of the Oklahoma City Bombing.  We were able to spend an hour or so at this very well designed and poignant memorial for the people who died in that tragic event.  Words alone cannot express the depth of emotion one experiences here.

Today we visited the Route 66 Museum in Clinton, OK.  I am impressed at the work that has gone into making the experience there something to enjoy.  The museum is laid out in a series of rooms that follow the history of Route 66 from the early days of it’s conception and construction in the 1920’s to when most of it was decommissioned starting in the 50’s and ending up in the 70’s.  Each decade has a room full of memorabilia and information presented with some musical accompaniment from the relevant decade.  It ends with a short film cut from a longer Route 66 documentary.  The exit to the exhibits drops you right in the gift shop of course where they have some really great Route 66 souvenirs for sale.

After spending way too much time at the museum we boogied on down the highway until we stopped at a “restored” Phillips 66 station in Mc Lean, TX.  I’m sad to say it didn’t seem so much restored as it did just painted over with some fresh paint to hide the rust.

We moved on to the Cadillac Ranch where we spent some time admiring this piece of evolving public art work.  The sun was low in the sky as we left and Peter suggested we stop for dinner before proceeding on to our hotel for the night.

We’ve run across Famous Dave’s BBQ many times on this trip and found it tasty and delicious when we tried it so we headed to the nearest one we could find.  Someone asked me why we’d eat at Famous Dave’s while we were in Texas since there is one in Vista near where we live.  There were two reasons why really…  Famous Dave’s is a known quantity where we knew we’d enjoy the food.  Both Peter and I have had enough BAD BBQ to really appreciate having good BBQ when we can.  The second reason was mostly that we wanted to find some place quickly and not spend a lot of time deciding, so Famous Dave’s it was.  As far as the BBQ went, Dave’s didn’t disappoint.  Tasty and delicious as expected.  However Peter had a different experience with the Key Lime Pie.  When he’d had the pie at Famous Dave’s in Wisconsin, it was tart enough to make his jowls pucker!  Here in Texas it was merely “Meh”…  I’m sad to report that Peter didn’t even finish his pie.  🙁

After dinner we got back on the highway and literally drove into the sunset.  It was blinding, brilliant, and beautiful.  As pretty as it was however I was very happy to see the last of our star slip below the horizon so I could stop squinting at the road.  We were on our way across the Texas/New Mexico boarder heading for a town called Tucumcari, NM.  Unfortunately when we got to the hotel we planned on staying at, we were turned away.  They had a water main break and didn’t have any water so couldn’t rent any rooms.  Bummer.

We drove on to Santa Rosa, NM and will start from here tomorrow.

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