Minnesota is a state be-hind

Sorry that I don’t have any new pics for you folks today.  We’ve been racing across the state of Minnesota so we could reach Madison, Wisconsin today.  This will make the final leg of our trip into Chicago a very short day and we’ll be able to do more when we reach the city.  I promise much more in the way of pictures then!

The one thing I think I can report is that the farmers in Minnesota seem to have really adopted the idea of Wind Farms because we passed many very large wind generators along the route today.  Most of the highway was along very low rolling countryside with very little in the way of noteworthy topography.

Honestly I think driving across the Mississippi was probably one of the more exciting things to happen today.  Just wish we’d had some time to take a couple of photos, but there didn’t seem to be a good place with a view to stop and do that.  Most of the view is obstructed by trees when you’re not actually on the bridge over the river itself and the river looks more like a narrow lake at this point than a river.

I’ll lobby Peter to stop on the way back so we can get a couple of river pics.

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  • Brian Carter says:

    I’m guessing the river will be a bit bigger in St. Louis than it was in Minnesota…

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