Through Minnesota and on to Madison Wisconsin

In an attempt to make the day of our entry to Chicago shorter we are going to make today another long day. This part of our journey doesn’t have too many places we are interested in stopping at so we’re just trying to make good time instead without killing ourselves in the process.

I did want to comment on our hotel last night… We’ve discovered not all Best Westerns are created equal. Not only was the one we stayed at last night more expensive but it was also of poorer quality than others we’ve stayed at. We also had to deal with a hotel full of hormonal teenagers on some kind group trip. I could hear the giggling, shouting and general senseless noise making until I finally crashed from exhaustion at around 2:30am.

If you ever find the hotel you intend to stay at full of teenagers, just do yourself a favor and move on to somewhere with fewer rampaging hormones. You’ll be happier for it.

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