Day Eight: Yellowstone (Gardiner, MT) to Cody, WY

Not much to report today.  We drove from Yellowstone to Cody, Wyoming.  Originally we’d planned to drive through Yellowstone and out a different entrance but we were thwarted in this since much of the park is still closed due to Winter conditions.  Consequently we had to go back out the way we came in and drive around the park.  Lots of beautiful country, and we again lucked out today with equally beautiful weather.   Mostly sunny with big white fluffy clouds.

Along the way we passed a place called Prairie Dog Town State Park.  I started looking for Prairie Dogs off the side of the roadway and it wasn’t long before I saw them popping up, as Prairie Dogs will do.  When I tried to draw Peter’s attention to them, he basically accused me of seeing imaginary animals again.  Oh well, such is the curse of the observant.

Tomorrow we head on to Custer South Dakota where we’ll stay before we see Mt. Rushmore.

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